Kingsly Capital Digital Assets Investment Management

– Digital asset funds typically outperform traditional investments like the S&P 500 and Dow Jones and can be a great investment option for family offices, institutions and accredited investors.

Digital Asset Fund Investments

Investing in crypto is challenging and time-consuming, but, fortunately, there are experienced digital asset funds, also known as crypto funds or crypto hedge funds, that can manage digital asset investments for you, family offices and institutions.

It is wise to use a professional for legal and healthcare issues, and the same logic applies to investing your hard earned money in crypto. Digital asset funds manage everything for you—from buying and selling cryptos to staking and tax reporting—so that you can spend your time enjoying life (hopefully on a beach with a margarita!).

We invest with Kingsly Digital Asset Fund because we like their and DeFi strategies. We also sleep soundly because the fund is managed by an SEC-registered investment advisor (RIA), Kingsly Capital, which adds a layer of assurance for us. Currently, most crypto funds are not registered with the SEC.

Digital Asset Fund Strategies

Digital asset firms have varying strategies, but they all focus on investing in cryptocurrencies or other blockchain-related tokens. For instance, some funds have a stablecoin staking strategy to generate a moderate yield, others buy and hold cryptos such as Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) in hopes of appreciation, while others get into decentralized finance (DeFi) because of its higher potential for token appreciation and much higher yields.

Best Digital Asset Funds

The crypto space is relatively new, so there are very few digital asset investment funds with experience, but here are some of the best funds:

Kingsly Digital Asset Fund
Pantera Blockchain Fund

How to Buy Digital Assets

Investing with a digital assets fund is as easy as visiting the doctor: Simply sign some paperwork and give them some money. Then, sit back and let the professionals invest for you (while you enjoy that margarita!).



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