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– The new digital economy consists of many types of digital assets, many of which are blockchain-based.

Digital Assets Examples

A digital asset is an item with economic value that can be bought, sold and stored digitally. Many new digital assets operate on blockchain technology. The new digital economy consists of numerous digital assets.

The most popular digital assets, especially regarding blockchain-based assets, happen to be the easiest to use or to buy, sell and trade. Some digital assets are speculative in nature while others provide active or passive income streams.


Coins – digital, blockchain-based currencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, stable coins, etc.


Governance – provide voting rights for an organization or blockchain
NFT – represent ownership of an asset such as a property, collectables, etc.
Security – provide equity in a business
Synthetic – provide exposure to digital and real-world assets
Utility – provide ability to use and pay for services on a blockchain

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Digital assets fund – professional investing for digital assets
Lending – lending crypto or tokens for interest payments
Liquidity provider – compensated for providing liquidity on automated market makers
Perpetual contracts – a futures contract without an expiration
Staking – receive yield for holding tokens on a blockchain’s validator node
Validator – receive yield for validating a blockchain

Apps & Websites

Audio streaming – music, podcasts, audiobooks
E-commerce – online shopping
E-books – digital books
Fintech – financial planning, digital banking, robo advisors, trading, etc.
Smart contracts – blockchain programs that run when predetermined conditions are met
Video streaming – movies, tv shows, live sports, etc.

Getting Started with Digital Investing

Retire Early with Digital Investing (REDI)
What Is Digital Investing?
How to Start Digital Investing


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The REDI Financial Movement

Retire Early with Digital Investing, or REDI, is a financial movement created by Profit Spotters to attain financial freedom and early retirement via digital investing. Digital investing is the process of using… continue reading


What Are Digital Assets?

What Are Digital Assets?

Overview:- The term "digital assets” is typically used in reference to blockchain technologies and assets like cryptocurrencies, tokens, staking, perpetual contracts and smart contracts. What Is a Digital Asset? A digital asset is a type of virtual property or...

Investing in Digital Asset Management Funds

Investing in Digital Asset Management Funds

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How to Start Digital Investing

How to Start Digital Investing

Where to Start Digital Investing Digital investing is the process of using digital technologies to invest in digital assets. Digital investing provides investment opportunities—such as cryptocurrencies, tokens, staking, validator nodes,...

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